Ecosystem based farming is a recent development in Nepal, primarily through Asia Network for Sustainable Agriculture and Bioresources effort, and it represents one such potential area that is gaining momentum in economic, health and environmental aspects. ANSAB has developed Ecosystem-based Commercial Agriculture (ECA) Program which aims to transform the traditional forestry and agriculture into climate smart, attractive and socially prestigious business. A climate smart ECA system, as envisioned by ANSAB, increases the production and productivity in a sustainable way; improves the resilience of agro-ecosystems and people to climate change; reduces/removes green house gases; and attract youths and make it socially prestigious generating better remuneration. The ECA builds on the good results and best practices gained through ANSAB’s programs aimed at building prosperous communities through farm and forest based enterprises.

Ashapuri Organic has been working with ANSAB as an Experimentation and Demonstration Center for developing, testing and piloting farming, technologies and business model in Nepal. It also works as a lead form for promoting ECA value-chain with the involvement of communities in peri-urban areas.

Read more about Ecosystem-based Commercial Agriculture (ECA) Program on ANSAB’s webpage

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