E&D Centre

Experimentation and Demonstration Center of Ecosystem-based Commercial Agriculture

With a view of demonstrating sets of farming components, practices, inputs and technologies useful for Ecosystem-based Commercial Agriculture(ECA), ANSAB in collaboration with Ashapuri Organic Farm has developed the farm at Ashapuri, Nashika VDC, Kavrepalanchok as Experimentation and Demonstration Center (E&D Center) of ECA. 






















Geographically, the Farm is situated at an altitude of 1500 meters and has rugged mountain topography. It is well connected with Kathmandu and Banepa at a distance of 25 km and 7 km respectively. The climate of the site is temperate and the temperature ranges from 10-31 degree Celsius and the area witnesses heavy rainfall ranging from 1600-2500 mm per annum.

The farm is involved in production of different organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and seedlings, and also has introduced/ successfully experimented various high value crops like Paulownia, Shiitake mushroom, Yacon, Chia seeds, Gojiberry etc. The major dominant trees include Alnus nepalensis, Shorea robusta, Pinus roxbergii, Rhododendron spp, Myrica esculenta. The traditional farming system of the area has now evolved into an integrated form where livestock, agriculture and forestry are done together. The farm is a model for community based capitalism in terms of the involved households sharing the risk and benefits coming from the farm. The community people are being benefited from the employment and having safe and nutrient rich foods. Social impact of the farm can be seen in the form of reduced youth migration in that area. The farm also features a unique marketing and ownership structure. 


Rationale behind developing E&D Center

There are many innovative ideas in several sectors coming up from different groups of people. Field experiments can be used to test and refine these ideas, and demonstrations can be done to transfer these new developments from the innovators aiming at showing and promoting a "method" of technique, or a result from a particular new recommendation or way of doing things to the interested national and international community. The concept of Experimentation and Demonstration Centre is based both on the need for ANSAB, partner INGO of Ashapuri Organic Farm, to plan for the continuous update and rejuvenation of its approach and on the increasing national and international interest in learning directly from the field implementation of ANSAB’s programs. With the long term experimentation and experience ANSAB is now positioned to demonstrate market oriented solutions to the improvement of livelihoods and biodiversity conservation. Also recently, realization of the fact that there are many recommended practices in the case of agriculture that have not been applied by the farmers of our country and no any appropriate agribusiness model applicable to a situation like in Nepal exist, ANSAB conceptualized Ecosystem-based Commercial Agriculture (ECA) systems. Both these positions enables ANSAB in partnership with the Farm to put into play the portfolio of its vast experience in the form of Experiment and Demonstration Centre.


Objectives of E&D Center

  • To show that a particular new inputs and technology are practicable under local conditions and that it can be beneficial
  • To provide solutions to problems through demonstration at actual field condition and show its viability and applicability
  • To disseminate appropriate and replicable input, technologies, practices and knowledge through trainings and visits.


Components of demonstration

The demonstrated technologies are replicable and provide various portfolio of income generating options that will also create economic resilience. The demonstration is based on the ecosystem approach involving the integrated management of land, water and living beings. Many technologies are interlinked. However some of the major technologies demonstrated at the Ashapuri E&D Center include:

Water Use Technology

  • Self-propelling sprinkler system
  • Drip irrigation technology
  • Plastic lined dug out pond


Soil management technology

  • Composting
  • Effective microorganisms (EM) technology
  • Vermicomposting technology


Production technology (Newly introduced crop)

  • Yacon
  • Paulownia
  • Shiitake
  • Ganoderma
  • Gojiberry
  • Sticky rice
  • Avocado
  • Sweet corn
  • Sweet pea


Postharvest technology

  • Sorting, grading and washing of harvested fruits and vegetables


Processing technology

  • Yacon syrup processing plant
  • Drying facility
  • Herbal tea processing plant 

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